National Geographic

An eight part TV series about the work Mercy Ships has been doing here in Benin starts tonight in the UK at 22:00 on National Geographic.


From August to early December the ship hosted three film crews from National Graphic, who were here with us in Benin to shoot footage for an eight part TV series called The Surgery Ship. It was the largest filming event we’ve ever had onboard, and so having them here was quite a big thing for the ship

The series is now being released around the world, and we’ve had the opportunity to watch the episodes ahead of time. They’ve done a great job, and I thought episode one was particularly good. It’s quite unique to have a TV show released about a field service whilst we’re still actually here, and with my job being focused on leading the IT team, which generally seems to involve me working on lots of emails and spreadsheets, in some ways I got a better sense of what we’re doing here by watching the show than I got by actually being here. 🙂

Despite our best video bombing efforts, we don’t feature. Frances and the boys only make a fleeting appearance in one of the episodes, (I don’t remember which one), in shot a of the patient’s recreational time on deck 7, but that’s about it, :). But it’s been great fun to watch our friends and colleagues, and really good to see a few of the patients we’ve crossed paths with.

The series is airing in the UK for the next eight weeks on Saturday nights at 22:00. I know most people don’t have National Geographic, (I don’t think it’s on Freeview), but I know that when it aired in Australia, after the first episode was shown on TV it was made available on the internet for a short period afterwards. I don’t know if they’ll do that in the UK, but I hope so.

The UK homepage for the series is here: and there are a few clips on there if you’re interested.



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