UK Financial Support

We are processing our UK financial support through Mercy Ships UK.

We recommend using the Mercy Ships UK website (there are instructions are below if that helps), but you could also phone (01438 727800), or email them (

Whichever method you use, it’s important to refer to “Clear Family” and/or our Crew Designation Code which is “2866”, otherwise the money will end up in general funds rather than our crew bank account. Also, making a Gift Aid declaration is a huge help if you are eligible to.

Thanks so much for joining with us as we serve people in need through Mercy Ships’ ministry.


Instructions for setting up financial support through the Mercy Ships UK website

  1. Click on the button above (the  Mercy Ships UK website in a new page).
  2. On the new tab, scroll down.
  3. Choose “monthly” or “one off” from the dropdown list (the dropdown list is in the middle of the text “I would like to make a ‘xxxxxxx’ donation of”, where ‘xxxxxxx’ is monthly or one off)
  4. Click “Your Amount” and enter the amount to donate
  1. Click “Donate Now”
  2. If you chose “monthly”:
    One of the fields is “If this direct debit is to support a Mercy Ships crew member, please enter their name here”. Please enter “Crew #2866: Clear Family”Or, if you chose “one off”:
    Change the “Use my gift” field to “To support a crew member“, then in the “Name of crew member” field, please enter “Crew #2866: Clear Family
  3. That’s it. Thanks so much!