Prayer Support

We believe in the power of prayer and value your prayer support. Here are some things you could join us in prayer about:

  • Senegal 2019/2020 Field Service
    • We give thanks for a successful start to the Senegal field service.
    • Patient selection events are ongoing in the regional cities inland. Many people attend these events hoping to receive treatment. We pray for:
      • Safety for all involved
      • The many attendees who will be told we can’t help them
      • Physical and emotional stamina for the selection team
  • Good health
    • We live in a metal box with 600 other people and as the Senegal field service has begun our family has caught a number of the bugs going around. Please pray for good health for the crew, and our family in particular.
  • Financial provision
    • We give thanks for the amazing financial provision we’ve received for the last three field services, which has meant we’ve always had what we’ve needed.
    • Support for our continuing service. We have extended our commitment for another year, through to summer 2020, with the option for further extensions in the future. We pray that our existing donors will be able to continue supporting us, and that a few more may join in partnership with us.
  • James and Joseph
    • We give thanks for how well they are doing at Kindergarten and Pre-School. The school on-board the ship is fantastic, and both boys love it.
    • We continue to pray for their development amongst the small peer group of children on-board. The Kindergarten class currently has 5 children. The Pre-School class 8 children.

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