Supporting Us

If you are interesting in supporting us as we serve people in need through Mercy Ships, there are several ways you could do that:

  • We would love to stay in touch, it would be great to hear from you.
    We’ll be posting our own updates in various ways:

    • As often as we can here on the blog. You can receive blog updates via email if you’d like by signing up here.
    • On facebook and twitter, see links in the footer below.
    • Via our email newsletter. There’s a sign up link in the menu.
  • It would be great if you could pray for us. Click here to see our current prayer requests, and answers to prayer.
  • We need financial support. Click the button below to find out more about that.


Why do we need financial support?

During our time on the Africa Mercy we will be volunteers, and will not be receiving a salary from Mercy Ships. Instead, we will be dependent on donations from financial supporters.

We are responsible for all our expenses including:

  • Our crew fees. As a way of raising money Mercy Ships requires the crew to pay for their room and board on the ship. Our crew fees will be £5,500/$8,000 annually.
  • All our flights to and from the ship
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Our general living expenses
  • Etc.

We have committed to volunteering for three years, starting in July 2016. However we need to reach an appropriate level of financial support to sustain this.

Stuart will be serving as the IT Manager on board, leading a team of six IT staff. Frances will initially be a full-time carer for our two boys until the youngest starts nursery in February 2017, at which time she plans to work part-time as a ward nurse.

The work is full-time, and similar to the jobs we were doing back home. It’s just that here our “salary” comes from supporters, rather than the organisation we work for.

If you are able to support us financially, there’s more information about how to do that here.

Thanks for partnering with us!